About Bob Williams

I am a business technologist that constantly examines results to search for a better way to produce work. I am a listener. I am a thinker. I am a writer. I love to coach and encourage employees for results. This mindset gives me opportunities to influence strategic direction because I stay connected with business goals and customer needs. I have over two decades of professional experience spanning multiple IT functions including infrastructure, operations,  eCommerce product management, marketing technology, administration, compliance, and risk.

I’m from Georgia. I studied computer science at Georgia Tech and business administration at Auburn University. I’m big on golden retrievers, baseball, running, and listening to film scores. 

I started The Merchant Stand in 2008 as a blog that explores the intersection of business and technology. You’ll find articles on eCommerce, information technology, lean principles and application, strategic business alignment, team structure, and operational agility. It’s a space where I explore ideas, record my experiences, and consider ways to change and improve. Onward and upward!