Recommendations for Bob Williams

Ozie Adams – Vice President Service Delivery at Curtis 1000

I’ve been fortunate to work with Bob in his role as VP of IT for several years. He’s been a valuable resource within our organization by bringing a depth of knowledge in infrastructure, process improvement and software development life-cycle. His ability to work through difficult problems and lead teams through technical initiatives has been invaluable. His strategic approach to solving business problems has been an asset to the executive team. Bob’s ability to blend technical insight with his understanding of the need to deliver measurable results to the business is a unique skill-set. His demeanor and easy-going personality allows him to build strong relationships throughout the enterprise and has made for a positive experience for stakeholders and executive team members alike.

Lynn Amaya – Director Web Product Development at Curtis 1000

I have had the pleasure of working with Bob for over 5 years. I always appreciate his calm, steady leadership, discipline, key focus on strategic goals, and work ethic. He creates a positive, collaborative work environment for his team. He is methodical and logical in his approach to unexpected issues and maintains his composure, positive outlook and good humor. He can always be counted on for support and encouragement. Bob is a fantastic mentor and role model. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him.

David Eidson – IT Manager at Taylor Corporation

I have worked for Bob in some capacity for several years at Taylor Corporation and found his management style to be exemplary. He allowed just the right amount of flexibility with his sub managers to give them the ability to make quick guided decisions that allowed for agility in the teams and allowed them to be more productive. Bob has shown himself to be a senior leader by always maintaining his composure during critical incidents and never losing site of the big picture with his teams projects or goals. As a manager or leader, I have a great amount of respect for Bob and would recommend him very highly.

Norm Schaefer – District Sales Manager at Curtis 1000

The first time I met Bob after he took over the VP Technology position at Curtis 1000, I was instantly impressed. Bob has a unique ability to blend his executive level skills across the entire organization in a very calming and productive manner. He can see the larger picture, keeping his decisions to be very logical, cost effective and most importantly profit minded. Technology is such a key driver for businesses today. We are very fortunate to have Bob with us as he truly understands how technology can help an organization be better for itself and it’s clients.

Bruce Bray – VP Finance at Curtis 1000

Bob takes great care in managing the IT expense budget and designing a budget that is trackable with targeted spending that aligns with company objectives. Nice work on the 2016 Budget this year Bob….

Greg Wilhelm – Senior Vice President at Harland Clarke

I have worked with Bob for several years. He has always proven to be a forward thinker and takes the time to share his learnings with others throughout the organization. He is oftentimes looked to lead Harland Clarke into areas we have previously not been and takes the challenge and performs admirably.

Mark Harris – President at NCP Solutions

Bob is one of the most intelligent and dedicated individuals that I have worked with in my role of managing marketing for Harland Clarke. He did a fine job of focusing on those opportunities that brought the most significant benefit to our clients and company. He also is willing to speak up as to opportunity and not be a wall flower who does not rock the boat. Also want to give special thanks for his creative white paper on social media opportunities for the company.

Jeb Cashin – Vice President Marketing Technologies at Harland Clarke

Bob and I have worked together in several capacities. I got to know him first when he was a project manager, and I ran Lotus development. We are currently working closely in marketing together. My favorite story about Bob was how he took on an impossible project to launch a new major client’s transactional website in 60 days. (For a lot of reasons, no one thought it could be done.) He made me physically move into the I.T. department (I was in marketing in another building) and live in the same cube with the developer day and night. He stripped out all normal layers of the development process to get the marketing guy and the I.T. guy doing what had to get done. It worked. One of our most successful clients to date. Bob figures out how to get things done by talking respectfully to all parties, listening intently, doing a lot of thinking, and finding the path to the light. 

Michael Rutledge – Vice President Payments Product Management at Harland Clarke

Bob is an asset to any team. He demonstrates his leadership skills throughout every project he is involved. Bob offers creative ideas when developing new products, solving customer issues and determining how to avoid problems. Employees and clients rely on Bob’s expertise to determine the best approach to handle IT concerns. He is a team player and a person you want to work on each and every project. No matter what company I work for, I would fine a leadership position for Bob.

John Ashe – Director of Marketing Payment Services at Harland Clarke

It is my very great pleasure and honor to supply this endorsement for Robert Williams. I have been affiliated with Robert on a professional level for the past three years and during this time, he has proven to be an extremely valuable asset to our company. As Product Line Manager, Robert has played an instrumental role in improving overall satisfaction with many of our Key Accounts. Were it not for his diligence, attention to detail and, most importantly, leadership—many of our major initiatives would not have been successfully completed. More specifically, Robert played a pivotal role in developing and presenting the business case to support usability testing of our websites. He led this effort from start to finish and the outcome of the project resulted in significant improvements—both to the user experience and revenue. Robert’s role within our organization requires him to discuss very technical concepts with both IT professionals as well as individuals with little or no knowledge of IT. This is an area in which he clearly excels. Robert has an uncanny ability to translate technical jargon into easily understood, laymen terms. It is with no trepidation, that I fully endorse Robert Willams as a candidate for any leadership role within your organization.