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Are you all in?

Do you know them?

Think about a person you know that is completely dedicated to their work. The kind of dedication that does not equate to a work-a-holic, but rather someone that is completely immersed in meeting the requirements of their job with unwavering enthusiasm and resolve. Yes, that person. The one who may have even annoyed you at times because of their dogged persistence. But the one who has earned your utmost respect.

In a workplace conversation this week one of my co-workers remarked about another employee, “You know him by now right, he’s all in.” The words stopped me for a moment to think and then stayed with me through the evening.

What defines the employee that is “all in”?

It’s built-in to the mentality, attitude, and drive of the professional. Going “all in” is for those that believe in their odds of succeeding. The employee that is “all in” receives more than a paycheck, they receive a place to serve, a place to make a difference to a customer, and place to share life with their co-workers.

I think being “all in” requires:

  1. Dedication and belief in the company mission.

  2. Dedication to the well being of other employees.

  3. Dedication to achievement and professional development.

It’s not for everyone and it’s not easy. It requires patience, persistence, and faith in ideals and purpose. In the end, it’s the person who is “all in” that earns respect and leaves the greatest mark on customers and other employees.

Marketing technologists are in demand

Marketing technology positions are in demand.
A recent news release from The Creative Group provides information on upcoming hiring expectations for marketing and advertising executives. While the report doesn’t use the term “marketing technology” it does offer evidence that marketing technologists are growing in demand. There is a quote in the release from Donna Farrugia, Executive Director, “Hiring managers at organizations of all sizes and in every industry seek professionals who can help develop and execute digital campaigns, and cultivate online communities.” Additionally, the report says 51 percent of marketing and advertising executives think it is difficult to find skilled creative professionals.

Jobs Help Wanted

Jobs – For the creative marketer

Is this a wake up call for traditional marketers?
Traditional marketing strategy around broadcast advertisements that use one way brand communications are becoming tougher and tougher to justify. I bet many marketers could prove through their tracking that it’s also becoming less effective. Notice in the quote from Farrugia the phrase “cultivate online communities”. Marketing and advertising agencies are looking for digital marketers that can create two way communications and connect brands with audiences in more meaningful ways. That frames one of the primary purposes of a marketing technologist; use technology to connect business with customers.

“It’s not about the ads, it’s about the marketing.”
Mitch Joel discusses the problem marketers face with ads on his blog with thoughts about just how many ads are displayed in our tech driven world today.  Facebook is developing new ways to serve ads. Google search results are filling with more ads. Media publications use ads above the fold or before the video clip.  Marketers are challenged not only to target the right audience but keeping that audience engaged in activities and conversations.

I think that maps back perfectly to the findings from The Creative Group. Today’s marketer needs to be creative and tech savvy as well. It’s not easy cultivating online communities. Two-way marketing creates dialogue and it fosters word-of-mouth marketing. This is more than advertising. This is more than brand messaging. This is part of the transforming world of marketing.