How do you give adequate attention to tasks?

I struggled this week to keep up with my current task load while managing to deadlines and expectations. There were times that I thought that I was shortcutting some tasks because I needed to move on to other tasks. This thought resonated with me throughout the week and I’m curious how others handle task time.

Let’s say you have 5 active tasks and 4 of them are due at the end of the week. You start on task 1 and find yourself making quick decisions and hurrying to task 2 so that you can keep an adequate pace to complete all the tasks. At the end of the day you have completed task 1 but have not done a through job.

Doe this type of scenario happen in your work or home life? How do you manage to this and how do you rationalize the actions in your mind? Write to me, as I’d like to get some feedback on this as a possible way to improve my work habits and structure.