Top 10 reasons why you want your boss to read your blog

A really weird thing happened today. My boss quoted to me one of my blog posts while we were talking shop. I was so taken off-guard that I didn’t have a quick witty reply for him. It took me a few seconds to recover and get back in the conversation. Are you kidding me? Boss man reads my blog?


As I thought about it later, I decided it was good thing for your boss to read your blog. So without further delay here are the top 10 reasons why you want your boss to read your blog: (Drum roll please….)

#10 – Jedi mind tricks rarely work on your boss. Maybe you can influence his thinking with a good blog post.

#9 – It gives you more credibility than Brett Favre saying he’s retired.

#8 – It helps to set the framework for healthy discussion and debate of a topic.

#7 – You can always plead the fifth if he questions anything you write.

#6 – It’s revenge for all those weekday drive-bys to your cube.

#5 – Your blog can’t be graded or corrected. Comments are allowed, but will be made public.

#4 – You can say whatever you want.  OK, Well, almost anything….

#3 – One day your boss might quote you as a credible source to another group of people.

#2 – Your blog is an unedited version of yourself.

#1 – Blogging is a relationship based activity surviving in a business world driven by numbers.

Seriously though, I enjoyed writing this post. Some items in jest and some to bring out legitimate reasons that I and many others write blog posts. We’ll see what happens back in the office on Monday…..