My Evernote wish list

Evernote LogoI have become a big fan of notebook applications such as Microsoft OneNote, Google Notebook, and Evernote. I used OneNote at work to manage all of my daily activities and I’ve been using Google Notebook at home to record lists of data and other topical notes. Recently I switched from Google Notebook to Evernote because I had read few good reviews on the product and it contained a few more customization options.

Now that I’ve used Evernote for a few months, I created a note to record my Evernote wish list for new features enhancements. I know, it’s free software, so I should be happy with what I get or use something else. But if the creators are looking for ways to enhance the value of the product (and I know they are) then it’s lists like this that give them input.

Bob’s Evernote wish list

  1. Twitter integration to unique default notebook – The new twitter integration with Evernote is nice. I can send a tween to @MyEN and it will be logged as a note for me. Right now it will place the note in the designated default folder. A simple enhancement would be to designate the folder for the note in the twitter setup for the account settings. This would enable a folder dedicated for tweets.
  2. Sections within notebooks – Right now each notebook within Evernote provides a single grouping or folder for notes. It would be useful to have sections or sub-notebooks to further subdivide the information.
  3. Note templates – All notes are currently created on a white background. I’d like to see the ability to add some colored backgrounds and predetermined line work layout to enhance the look and feel. Essentially, it’s a theme option for each notebook.
  4. Tables – I’d like to be able to add tables inside a note to allow for enhanced lists or comparisons within a list. I often create a note to list things that have multiple attributes or to compare a few features. Tables make this type of data listing easier to show.
  5. Linux Version – As of today, I only use the web based site and tool and not a local client. I run Linux on my home machine and there is not a Linux client. There is some traffic about this list on the message forum. Linux please!