The 5 Most Popular Merchant Stand Posts of 2009

1. 4 Steps for Organizational Agility – Not to be confused with software development agile methods, this post looks at ways organizations can become more agile. If you are looking for ideas on how to get more work done in a quicker time frame then this post is for you.

2. Customer focused eCommerce: Volume testing techniques – A summary of how organizations can use performance testing, load testing, and stress testing to achieve better customer focus from their eCommerce portfolio.

3. 10 Questions with Mike Cottmeyer – An interview with agile development thought leader Mike Cottmeyer. The post explores Mike’s thoughts on the current state of agile development in the software industry.

4. Top 10 Reasons Why You Want Your Boss to Read Your Blog – A combination of humor and seriousness of why you want your boss to read your blog. I wrote this post after my boss quoted a blog entry to me during a phone conversation.

5. Social Media Awareness – My thoughts on how to promote social media awareness within your organization or with your friends.

93 posts are now in the Merchant Stand archives covering topics on Internet marketing, customer focus, eCommerce, organizational design, personal productivity, and business strategy. My goal is to write about business insights that will spark ideas for you to use in your business. I hope you find the content relevant and meaningful. Drop me a note if you have any topics that you’d like to discuss in 2010.