2 examples of business learning maturation in our culture

Two events on my schedule this week revealed to me a maturation of business learning in our culture. It’s pretty exciting for me to see these transformations, and I know they’ll continue to evolve in the future.

The first event was high school orientation for my daughter. She’s a rising freshman and we were invited into the local high school for a brief overview of the curriculum. What surprised me the most was the abundance of business related electives that are now available to students. At our local school there is a full department named Business Education. Some of the course areas include engineering, marketing, video production, and computer science. I don’t know which of these might appeal to my daughter yet, but it’s really great to see the options available. Kids can really benefit from this because they can try things in college to see if they have a passion for it. For my age group, we didn’t really try things until college. It can be an expensive decision to experiment with classes in college not only due to the class fees, but also because of any rework associated with changing majors.

The second event is one that I’ll be attending tomorrow called ProductCamp Atlanta. The website provides a good description of this that I’ll quote here:

ProductCampAtlanta is a collaborative, user organized professional conference, focused on Product Management and Marketing topics. At ProductCampAtlanta everyone participates in some manner: presenting, leading a discussion, showcasing a best practice, or sharing their experiences. Others help with logistics, securing sponsorships, organizing sessions, or setting up/cleaning up.  This is a self organizing collaborative event that is designed be a fun, rewarding and a unique experience.

The product camp follows on recent business book themes about Tribes and Crowdsourcing.  It’s different than traditional conferences because it’s not about vendor booths or sales pitches. It is about collaborative learning and knowledge share. I’m looking forward to spending the day with others in my tribe and sharing some thoughts and insights in my writings on this blog.