Stories needed of business process improvement

I was watching CNN this morning while doing time on the treadmill. A story came on about the warning from OSHA to Sea World that whales would eventually kill a person in the current environment unless they made some changes.  It made think about people within organizations that try to sound


Kai=Change, Zen=Good(for the better), Kaizen=Continuous Improvement

warnings and alerts about business process improvement topics. Everyone is quick to agree that business processes are always full of opportunity for improvement. Remember Kaizen and business process rengineering? I remember a time when the buzz word of ‘continuous improvement’ was common place in the industry. I’d see it at training sessions, webinars, and company culture and leadership training.  But I don’t hear it so much any more.

So I wonder, how much time do we spend making incremental improvements of processes? How does an organization come to support and embrace this? Does it take an event where the process output reaches virtually zero? Is it the result of a change in leadership where the new leader seeks to leave his/her mark? Tell me about business process management in your organization. Do employees continuously seek improvement and does management listen?