When does process remove your passion?

I’ve heard it said of teachers before that they lose their ability to do what they are passionate about because of all the paper work required for their job.  As organizations or groups mature typically the processes within each group will tend to expand. So my question is, when does following the process remove people from their passions and what they love to do (i.e. serve a customer, teach a student, write software code, advise patients, etc.)? I see people making decisions because that’s what the process says or they are looking to check-off on a process step. At some point they lose site of the real need they are trying to solve as the following the process rules their thoughts and actions.

In my professional life, my passion zones are around being part of software development and helping to solve business needs through the use of technology.  I had a reflective moment this week that I spend most of my time navigating through process management requirements such that I’m losing the ability to work in my passion zones. But is that really true? Is process management really part of the journey to solving the business need or producing the piece of software? Can the two be separated? Should we consider all of the steps and flows of a process part of the act of solving a business need or teaching a student, or advising a patient?

Let me know your thoughts and experiences.