Simple is…Brand Loyalty

My last two posts have been about the phrase “simple is …” As I looked through my notes on this topic, I found one other thought that I wanted to share.

Simple is brand loyalty.

I wrote this down not thinking about how marketers achieve brand loyalty with their customers, but more so thinking about the decision process of a consumer that is brand loyal.  Brand loyalty is a topic unto itself in business schools, text books, and each industry.

No Brand

Life without brands

The ways to achieve it can become overly complex as they deal with systems, processes, psychology, and people. I wouldn’t consider building brand loyalty with consumers simple.

But what about the consumer who is brand loyal? Is their decision making process simple? If a consumer makes a repeat purchase without comparing prices or researching alternatives is that a simple transaction in their mind? I think to a certain degree it is.  As a consumer I want simple. I value simple. I buy simple.

Now how do you achieve brand loyalty again?

Photo Credit :[email protected]/31247647 / CC BY-SA 2.0