eCommerce operation mind map

Statistically speaking, the posts I’ve written about the organizational aspects of an eCommerce operation get more views on the Merchant Stand than any other posts. It’s telling me that people are interested in ideas for how they can structure an eCommerce team and what areas of responsibility they should cover. I think the greater interest is that people are looking for ideas and ways that their teams can operate more efficiently to be more agile. I plan to explore more thoughts around organizational layout in an eCommerce operation in future posts. To help with that, and to invite others in the community to discuss this with me, I’ve captured my thoughts on areas of an effective eCommerce operation as a public mind map at mindmeister. I’ll update the mind map with changes and updates as the discussion progresses.

I welcome your comments on this discussion and thoughts on my mind map. The map is embedded here. You can drag the map to see sections not visible or you can launch to the map on the mindmeister site.