Best of Merchant Stand 2010

It’s the last week of 2010 and I’m looking over the statistics to see which articles have been viewed by the most readers during the year. The top 10 posts share a few things in common. They are about team organization, strategy, and metrics management. When I originally created the Merchant Stand back in 2008 I had intended to focus mainly on eCommerce and internet marketing topics. Yet through my thoughts and writings, I’ve found that it’s the strategic positioning and business alignment posts that I’m most passionate about and that generate the most interest. The tactics of successful eCommerce and internet marketing are important and I will occasionally write about them. But my main focus will continue to be my thoughts and experiences around the business drivers and team structure that define efficient and successful eCommerce teams.

This marks my 159th post on The Merchant Stand. The top three most read posts of 2010 are:

1. Operational effectiveness and strategic positioning – My thoughts on strategy writings from Michael Porter about using operational activities to position products and services strategically. I used Zappos and Chick-fil-A as two primary examples.

2. Defining organizational entropy – An original post defining organizational entropy as a measure of disorder or randomness by which work is created within an organization. You’ll wonder how work ever get’s done after reading this one.

3. Metrics management for eCommerce teams – Metrics management is more than web analytics. In this post I explore key performance metrics that are relevant for measuring business success.