This week’s post takes a pause from the world of business, processes, and eCommerce. I traveled last week to New Jersey and encountered something new that made an impression on me. Jughandles.  But I wasn’t picking these up with my hands. It’s a type of ramp that changes the way people turn left across busy roads.

Wikipedia defines a jughandle as

A jughandle is a type of ramp or slip road that changes the way traffic turns left (when driving on the right) at at-grade intersections. Instead of a standard left turn being made from the left lane, left-turning traffic uses a ramp on the right side of the road.


There are two jughandles in this picture

The Wikipedia article even has a list of the pros and cons of this device. Of course, I didn’t know what these were before the trip. The first drive down the a road that had these setups was pretty frustrating. I wasn’t looking to the right-side signs to help me with turning left, but I saw plenty of signs preventing me from turning left. So I ended up traveling a mile past my destination looking for a U-Turn allowed sign.

For now, this is one of those life moments that makes for a good story. But I’ll be thinking about how to weave this into a business process thought. Like how to turn when on-coming resistance is high. 🙂