Thought readings 2

Each week I capture, mark, and comment on blog posts and news articles around the internet. This is short list of three links that I think others will find valuable for their thought lives.

  1. Aero aimed at TV cable cord cutters by Kay Bachman at Adweek announces a new service to bring cable television programming to internet connected devices. I have a dream one day to cut my cable TV cord. I just wish my family shared the same dream.
  2. Digital marketing matures beyond “best practices” by Scott Brinker at Chief Marketing Technologist. This is a thoughtful piece that discusses the maturation of landing page creation. Brinker lists a set of principles higher than any check-list that are relevant for landing page (and other marketing disciplines) creation.
  3. Study finds huge drop in corporate blogging by Helen Laggatt at Biz Report. Laddatt reports that the number of companies in the Inc. 500 that are keeping active blogs has dropped to 37%.  Producing relevant content consistently is hard work. Does the work strain big corporations or is it a matter of proving ROI? You decide.

Let me know what links you shared, tagged, or commented on this week.