Followup to using LinkedIn for client forums

Last week I posted about using LinkedIn for client forums.  The question brought five answers from the community on LinkedIn. To my surprise, none of the respondents have used LinkedIn groups as a mechanism to facilitate an ongoing client forum.  Most of them said they like to use other spaces that they completely control or some other software that is built for this purpose.

Dr. Giles Brindley indicated the answer depends on the desired length of time for the client forum. Brindley says “My personal feeling is that people use alternate methods for this kind of thing, we use Google, we can share documents as well as have a forum (groups). “

I still believe that LinkedIn can serve as a good place for client forums because it is an accepted brand for professional collaboration. Additionally many professionals already have accounts on LinkedIn. So it doesn’t require an additional login/identity on a third party system to participate in the forum. LinkedIn allows groups to be private or public which gives some flexibility for the forum logistics.

I’m hoping to convince some others in my organization to try this approach. I could be wrong. But I have hunch it’ll work.