Thought readings 3

Each week I capture, mark, and comment on blog posts and news articles around the internet. This is short list of three links that I think others will find valuable for their thought lives.

  1. No iPhone leads 700,000 customer to flee TMobile by David Goldman at CNN Money. I’m a TMobile customer and have been for years. It doesn’t bother me not to have an iPhone but for some people it’s Apple or nothing. The more interesting part of this news is why TMobile doesn’t offer the iPhone today.
  2. Can I make my team do agile? by Mike Cottmeyer at Leading Agile. This was Mike’s 400th blog post and I think it is also his elevator pitch for why your software development teams should be using an agile development method. He makes his case using goals.
  3. Hacker Monthly by Andrew Phelps at Nieman Journalism Lab. I love this look at how repurposing  existing internet content has made a business for Lim Cheng Soon.

Let me know what links you shared, tagged, or commented on this week.

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