Thought readings 4

Each week I capture, mark, and comment on blog posts and news articles around the internet. This is short list of three links that I think others will find valuable for their thought lives.

  1. Pet Therapy: How Animals and Humans Heal Each Other by Julie Rovner at NPR. I never grow tired of reading about the benefits (some call them miracles) that pets have with sick or disabled people. I’ve been a dog owner most of my adult life. They can make you pull your hair out at times, but they mostly just teach you all the things you know are really important.
  2. In a product announcement, Square Inc. announces a new product called Register. This caught my attention because my boss acquired one of the original Square card readers. We transacted a credit card payment in his office via his phone (nice!).  Now with Square Register, the company is combining their card reader with a register and based application for small business that runs on a tablet.
  3. Optimize your eCommerce site for iPad – 10 Tips by Tim Zack at Red Clay Interactive. Tablets have already created a fundamental change in how people consume digital content. This is a great practical list of things to consider when building an eCommerce site so that the growing percentage of tablet users can better navigate (and hopefully make purchases) your site.

Let me know what links you shared, tagged, or commented on this week.