Accidental blogger or techie with a purpose?

If my high school English teacher could see me now…
English was not my favorite subject in high school or undergraduate college. In fact, I can say it was probably at the bottom of the list. I really didn’t enjoy writing in those days. It was forced and I felt like so much of a grade was subjective based on preferences of the teacher.

So I gravitated to math and science classes. My favorite class my senior year in high school was Calculus. When I went to college I studied Computer Science and learned the basics of computer programming.  So it’s probably no surprise that I got a C in Freshman English. One of only two Cs my entire undergraduate experience!

Fast Forward 15 years.
I reached a point in my career where I needed to broaden my business knowledge in order to pursue some jobs in product management and marketing. So I went back to school to add a MBA to my Computer Science degree.

It was a great decision. The MBA classes energized my thirst for knowledge again and the subject matter of the classes was something I could relate to. With 15 years of professional experience the content of the MBA program made sense and was something I wanted to absorb.

Then I started writing.
Before I graduated with a MBA I started writing this blog. At first I just wanted to a place to record my thoughts on business topics. But it soon became very personal to me. Over the last few years, the blog has become my sandbox for thoughts, ideas, observations, and opinions.  On most blogs you’ll find at least one post on why the author writes and I fit right in with them. The writing has given me a place for self expression. It helps me think deeper. It makes me think about practical implications and application of things. I’m learning to write better. I’m learning to process information better.

I’m even freelance writing for It’s part of my purposeful effort to broaden my skills and experiences. I’m exposed to different types of writing there such as informative articles, reviews, and even sports. I don’t know how long that will last or where it will lead, but it’s already been a valuable experience for me.

It occurred to me that many bloggers and writers may be just like me.
I’m a Techie that’s discovered a love for writing.  I had no intention of writing 20 years ago, but it’s now part of who I am. How many of us techies have turned content writers with the advancement of the internet and digital media? How many bloggers today didn’t enjoy writing “back in school”?

The difference is that now I write about topics that I choose and that interest me. I write about topics in my passion zone. I write with a purpose. I suspect there are many others like me that are finding writing as a release for their inner passions.

Does anybody read my thoughts or care about my perspectives?
At the end of the day it’s not about being techie, or a writer, or a business thinker. It’s about being able to see problems and thinking about solutions to solve them. It’s about making connections with people. I hope my writing gets me closer to that. No, I hope my writing gets me in the middle of that.

Sure, there will be some things I write that don’t connect with anyone. Other posts will make connections and get readers to think about their own lives. That’s just part of writing.

It’s not easy.
While the internet and tools have made publishing ridiculously easy, creating content is hard. It takes work and dedication to produce content regularly. It takes a rhythm. This is probably why most people don’t want to write or prefer to do other things.

Do they teach these things in school? I should find out. My kids aren’t into writing. But I think that’s because content consumption is so easy (and at times mindless). I’ll have to leave that thought for another post.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

I’d like to know your story.

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