Thought readings 7

Each week I capture, mark, and comment on blog posts and news articles around the internet. This is a short-list of three links that I think others will find valuable for their thought lives.

  1. Emerson College student paper completes a fully responsive, mobile-friendly redesign by Andrew Phelps from Nieman Journalism Lab.  A great story of a student run newspaper using some technology updates to get closer to their readers. Their site, the Berkeley Beacon,  now adjusts the display based on the type of device the reader is using. So if you are using a mobile or tablet device, the screen dimensions will adjust accordingly so that you don’t have to continually zoom and scroll.
  2. Tracking Twitter, Raising Red Flags by Pete Thamel from the New York Times. Thamel does a good job correlating the relationship between college athletes, the athletic departments, and internet monitoring businesses.  Internet monitoring is a growing industry. The article frames a good case study in legitimate business concerns vs the privacy of individuals.
  3. Frank Warren: Half a million secrets from TED 2012. Warren discusses his site and reveals some of the anonymous secrets posted by people. It’s a fascinating look at type of information that people will reveal and how relieved they are to have a place to do it anonymously. Releasing secrets has a powerful psychological effect for most of us and you’ll enjoy listening to Warren discuss his site.

Let me know what links you shared, tagged, or commented on this week.