Marketing technology thought readings 9

I participate in digital spaces by capturing, marking, and commenting on content around the internet. This is a recurring post of three links that I think others will find valuable for their thought lives.

  1. A hierarchy of business to business needs by Seth Godin.  A concise piece that gives thought to what makes a successful B2B sales pitch when you are selling to someone who doesn’t own the company. It presents a counter argument to conventional logic that you first prove how much profit the buying company can make.
  2. Software Raises Bar for Hiring by David Wessel from The Wall Street Journal. A nice read on the technology behind candidate screening for job openings. It’s no secret that companies use software to scan resumes to filter on candidates with certain keyword matches. But what happens when the hiring company expects the job description and resume of the applicant to be an exact match? I think they miss opportunity to find the best candidates.
  3. The office is shrinking as tech creates workplace everywhere by Haya El Nasser from USA Today. The traditional office space is changing. It’s not just working from a home office, but the office space is changing to make more creative work spaces. It’s less about egos, titles, and corner offices. It’s more about collaboration, innovation, and being nimble.

Let me know what links you shared, tagged, or commented on this week.