Get Uncomfortable

While planning to lead a steering committee meeting this week, I realized I was little uncomfortable with what the meeting content could create. With multiple stakeholders in the room, there is always a potential for conflicting opinions. Who likes conflict? I’m not afraid to admit that some, if not all, conflict can make me uncomfortable.

Yet, it’s these kind of conversations that you know you have to have to make progress. It’s these kind of conversations that you need to have to consider a variety of opinions and ideas. I would say that you need tough conversations to spawn innovation and progress.

The experience was a good reminder that I need to get uncomfortable so that I don’t get complacent. When I’m uncomfortable I concentrate more and I work harder. Being uncomfortable keeps from me settling with what is easy and makes me work to find what might be better. As I told a co-worker after the meeting, the experiences that makes us uncomfortable at work are the salt and spice of our day.

It sounds funny and may make you squirm in your seat – Get Uncomfortable!