Father’s day rest

I used the Father’s day weekend this year to take a break from my normal weekly writing routine. Truth be told, I spent most of the weekend at a baseball park both as a volunteer and as a dad enjoying the game. I didn’t leave a block of time for thinking and writing as I usually do.

As I reflect on Father’s day today I’m thankful to be a dad and to have a dad. It’s an important role in the life of a family. I can see now just how much of who I am was influenced by fatherly figures (for better or worse). So it’s not unusual that I feel that I don’t do enough as a dad. I wish I could focus more on quality than quantity. I wish I could relate better to the thinking of a child and young adult’s mind. I wish I could be the dad my kids need as much as the dad they want to have. I hope when my kids reach my age that they see I always acted for them and with them for the sake of love and guidance.

So here’s a celebration for dads. Happy Father’s day and thank you for the work that creates memories. Thank you for the guidance that molded me. Thank you for believing in me. I’ll always remember.