Adults behaving badly

Where is the respect?

Why is it acceptable for elected officials that serve in Washington to show a lack of respect and polite etiquette while working with other elected officials? Not that it’s anything new, but the recent federal government shutdown and potential debt default fiasco in Washington only brings this type of behavior to the forefront. Republicans and Democrats posture and criticize each other by using the media. They establish their position by downplaying the opposing view rather than sticking to the strengths of their own position. Both parties claim to be acting in the best interest of “the American People”. Really? Were these people elected to stifle progress or to find ways to get to solutions? Regardless of my political leanings and preferences, it’s simply disgusting to see grown adults act this way.

It’s not accepted in the business environment.

Showing a lack of respect to co-workers in a professional environment is not tolerated. “Respect” is a common core value of companies because they want it to be a fundamental piece of their culture. If an employee in a professional environment criticized and insulted other employees on a regular basis they would be subject to performance improvement plans, behavior reviews, and possibly dismissal.

There are opposing views to every situation. It’s a part of life. But in the business environment it is expected that professionals will work through opposing views to find solutions.

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

I often ask my wife this question. One thing I’ve noticed is that it does have an effect to make one stop and think about the situation. Maybe it’s naïve on my part, but I believe that people want to do right. No one gets up in the morning with a goal to not accomplish work (or do they?). So the question is a good reminder to level set expectations when emotions run high. Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

There is way. Stop behaving badly.