Revenue growth. The never ending push.

Businesses exist to make money.
It’s a never ending push to make more money in the business world. Corporate mission statements and core purposes are great. They motivate people. But the business won’t stand without cash flow. The investors want a return for funding the business. So we must grow the revenue.

Does this motivate employees?
Certainly those employees who have compensation plans attached to the company revenue and profit are motivated to grow revenue. But at the end of the day the average employee didn’t take a financial risk like the investors and shareholders of the company. The employee is motivated to keep their job, so they want to make sure the company makes money to keep their job safe. Although even profitable companies reduce their workforce. The reality is that success and profits only raise the expectations to grow even more.

Think beyond growth by acquisition and growth by organic sales strategies.
Buying companies with different technology and products is a good way to diversify and grow into a new area. Growing sales to existing customers (Organic growth) is also important. But we should also look to grow revenue by partnering with external organizations to use products and services in the company portfolio.  This is a great strategy for companies that have technology in modules that can be extended as a web service. Publish the web service for prospective clients to use (consume). Look for companies that will find  value-add in using your service to get to products and services they don’t offer.