Owned Media or Media-on-Demand?

My use of owned media, items I have purchased, is pretty much dead. I have a collection of music and video that I have purchased over the years. But I don’t often use them. I instead opt for video and music on-demand from services like Redbox, Netflix, and Pandora. How often do I watch those DVDs that are on a shelf? How often do I play music from my library of mp3 files? Not often.

If there is a movie I really want to see, it’s typically available from an on-demand video service. I can rent and play three times before I cover the price to buy and own. That math works in my favor the vast majority of the time.

I do reference my library of music from time-to-time when I run outside. But now I can also substitute Pandora radio for a refreshed music list. I don’t mind the commercials so much and could opt for the subscription model and still come out ahead of buying to own.