Are you all in?

Do you know them?

Think about a person you know that is completely dedicated to their work. The kind of dedication that does not equate to a work-a-holic, but rather someone that is completely immersed in meeting the requirements of their job with unwavering enthusiasm and resolve. Yes, that person. The one who may have even annoyed you at times because of their dogged persistence. But the one who has earned your utmost respect.

In a workplace conversation this week one of my co-workers remarked about another employee, “You know him by now right, he’s all in.” The words stopped me for a moment to think and then stayed with me through the evening.

What defines the employee that is “all in”?

It’s built-in to the mentality, attitude, and drive of the professional. Going “all in” is for those that believe in their odds of succeeding. The employee that is “all in” receives more than a paycheck, they receive a place to serve, a place to make a difference to a customer, and place to share life with their co-workers.

I think being “all in” requires:

  1. Dedication and belief in the company mission.

  2. Dedication to the well being of other employees.

  3. Dedication to achievement and professional development.

It’s not for everyone and it’s not easy. It requires patience, persistence, and faith in ideals and purpose. In the end, it’s the person who is “all in” that earns respect and leaves the greatest mark on customers and other employees.