Being Pushy

Disclosure: I am an active TMobile subscriber.

Last November I provided commentary about TMobile’s bold moves in the “uncarrier” program and how they are pushing the cell phone industry in new directions. In the latest installment, uncarrier 6.0, TMobile is taking the chains off streaming music. Last week, Tmobile announced that data used from some streaming music sites will no longer count against data limits.

I was thinking today that many companies fill their publication relations and communications with the phrase “industry leader”. It’s an overused phrase that sounds impressive but is really just a self-assigned title. TMobile, can truly use this description to describe themselves, should they wish. Other carriers are having to follow-suite and match incentives and plans as TMobile goes against long time industry standards.

Pushing for change isn’t easy in a corporate environment. Usually with stable businesses, the objective to minimize risk outweighs testing business process changes. While I don’t work for TMobile, it appears that there is a spirit of entrepreneurship within the company coming from the top. That’s admirable and fun to watch in the industry. Keep being pushy TMobile, you are the uncarrier!