A simple way to keep your resume updated

I have a simple way to keep my resume updated.

I update my resume once a year at the same time I write my annual performance review.

It’s easier this way because I have already gathered data needed to summarize my accomplishments for the year and it’s only a small amount of information to add. If you keep your resume in an electronic file it’s a simple step to open, edit, and be done. If you’re like me, I consider my resume and online LinkedIn profile one in the same. I blogged about merging the resume and online profile back in 2011 and I haven’t gone back to the old way.  If you need the online profile in a document LinkedIn provides the ability to save your profile as a PDF.

The LinkedIn profile can be far more feature rich as well. LinkedIn provides the ability to link to work in your portfolio or even show samples of your work on the page.

So why be stale? Why make it an ordeal to gather data about past accomplishments years afterwards? Get your profile up-to-date and refresh it at least annually.