How to Set Android 5 Lollipop Notifications on Locked Screen

After I upgraded to Android version 5 Lollipop, visible notifications for new messages stopped showing when my screen was locked. I could hear the audible sound for notifications but the locked screen didn’t show what type of message had arrived.


This is a new security setting in Android 5 and there are three settings to manage the notifications on locked screens. Here’s how to get to the setting:
1. Open the Settings menu.
2. Under the Device section touch Sound and notification.
3. Scroll down to the Notification section and touch While locked.

4. There are three options

  • Show all notification content  – This setting shows all content on the lock screen including emails and chats.


  • Hide sensitive notification content – This setting shows a notification on the lock screen but the content of the message will not show.


  • Don’t show notifications at all – This was the default setting after my upgrade. There are no visible notifications of new messages on the lock screen.