Write, Stash, and Wipe. A Reuse Plan.

I love productivity hacks.

Last year, at about this time, I retired one of my paper notebooks used for tracking notes and to-dos. I never liked putting old notebooks in drawers or on shelves (clutter). I dislike even more discarding old notebooks (waste).  So I researched a few options for reusable notebooks and ended up purchasing a RocketBook.  My one-sentence description of RocketBook is a portable whiteboard that uses a scanning app from your phone to store data in popular internet locations. It solved my requirement to find a reusable notebook because the pages will wipe clean with a little water and a cloth. RocketBook has 7 predetermined storage instructions that will auto-save the page(s) to a designated location in one of the following locations:

Why take time to blog on this topic?

RocketBook is a productivity hack I’ve kept. It’s simple and reusable. It integrates with electronic formats. It adds value to my work routines. 

In an earlier post, scribble scrabble, I highlighted some of the advantages of writing over electronic note-taking. Writing notes by hand allows me to slow down and think about my subject. Writing helps me engage more with the subject material. But once I put some of my thoughts down on paper, I prefer to store them electronically to make them easier to search, reference, and share.

It’s worth a blog post because I believe handwritten notes contribute to self-reflection and learning which leads to continuous improvement. 

Happy new year!

Onward and upward!